Acne and Congestion

//Acne and Congestion

Acne and Congestion

A long-term skin disease caused by the clogging of hair follicles with a combination of dead skin cells and oil. Typical features of acne include excessive oil production (known as sebum), improper cell turnover, possible microbial infection and inflammation. While genetics has been demonstrated to have a strong role in acne formation, there are other physiologic factors (i.e. hormones), psychological problems (i.e. stress) and lifestyle choices (diet, environmental conditions, and smoking) that may also impact the degree of its severity. Severe cases can lead to excessive inflammation resulting in unsightly scar formation.

Centella Acne & Anti- Clogging Treatment will stimulate the lymphatic system to increase blood flow, oxygen and unblock within. This treatment contains anti- bacterial and anti- ageing inflammation properties which will help to reduce redness, bacteria and infection. At Centella we take into account the individual condition and tailor a personalised programme.

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