Everyone has a natural pigmentation to their skin, based on the protein melanin that is produced within the epidermal layer of the skin. Inflammatory responses, such as exposure to ultraviolet radiation (i.e. sun exposure, artificial tanning beds) or acne, can result in stimulation of melanin production. Additionally, some while melanin functions to protect the skin against future UV exposure, it can also occur following severe injury, resulted in hyper pigmented spots.

Our Centella Stem Cell Treatment aids in evening out skin tones, reducing dark spots and circles, increases cell turnover- leaving you with a more even complexion.

Face Cleansing Hibiscus Gel or Cleansing Milk, Stem Cell Lotion, Stem Cell Serum, Stem Cell Eye Essence, Intensive Anti- Wrinkle Treatment, Stem Cell Regenerative Cream and Sunscreen


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