Body Acne

//Body Acne
  • The cleansing bar contains Centella Asiatic extracts that helps healing and eliminating impurities. It is intended to be used as a light exfoliant and is suitable for teenagers. The Cleansing bar is anti-bacterial, anti-septic, as well as anti-inflammatory and perfect for acne prone skin. Additionally, the bar also contains Glycerine and Shae Butter, which moisturize and hydrate the skin. The cleansing bar is recommended for both face and body. Application: To be used on the body, face and body for acne skins.
  • Centella for Legs enhances the appearance of the legs while reducing discomfort associated with fluid retention and swelling, varicose veins and broken capillaries. Application: Spray area and massage with light circular ascending movements. To be used morning and evening but can be used at any time during the day and can even be applied through stocking or tights. If wanting to reduce varicose veins apply Vital oil on top of Centella for legs.
  • Hydraflore Corrective Serum formulated with Black- Currant Bush and Lemon Extracts neutralizes pimples by drying them out and contributes to reducing residual marks. With a concentrate of antiseptic and healing ingredients working together to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, regulate sebum production and promote cell turnover, the serum is perfect for all skin types. The serum can be applied AM and PM as a either a serum or spot treatment. Application: Apply AM and PM to skin in light circular movements after cleansing thoroughly OR as a spot treatment, apply to the affected area only.