There’s a new plant making its way into the list of ingredients that are a must-have inclusion to your anti-ageing routine – Centella Asiatica. Known as centella, its extracts are proven to stimulate elastin and collagen to keep the skin firm and healthy, this superior and proven anti-ageing ingredient has been applauded across the globe.

Traditionally used in India for the treatment of leprosy and other skin ulcerations, French chemists began refining high quality concentrations of centella for use in phytoaromatic skin care products and treatments in 1972. Centella continues to be used by medical professionals, clinicians and therapists throughout Europe, with its popularity growing each year.

Used for both its anti-ageing benefits and skin healing properties, centella is used to treat everything from pre- and post-operative scarring to stretch marks, acne and varicose veins, and also even aids in weight loss.

The benefits of this wonder plant led to the birth of Centella skincare – a range of over 50 high-performing certified organic skin care products and treatments that has gone on to win an array of awards throughout Europe.

Containing no artificial preservatives, lanolin, paraffin, alcohol, colouring or synthetic perfumes, Centella skincare products are all about the good ingredients. Containing vegetable oils, essential oils, vegetable extracts and plant/herbal extracts, the range works to regenerate, hydrate, protect and heal the skin. In addition to these pluses, the products also helps relieve skin congestion, clogging and acne, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and aiding in the restructuring of the skin.