Camphor Mask

Camphor Mask

Aids in reducing oil flow by regulating the sebaceous glands, detoxifying and minimizes pores. Acts quickly in reducing inflammation whilst reducing acne.

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Oily/Acne or non-sensitive lifeless skin.
This product is a real vegetable cocktail which works according to each skins requirements. It nourishes and eliminates impurities. Results are immediate and a purified radiant complexion will be observed. This is the ideal treatment for oily or non-sensitive lifeless skin.

Application- To be used once a week. Apply a fine, uniform layer with the fingertips. Leave on for 20 minutes. Remove with a moist warm towel.

Key ingredients:
Natural camphor – useful for treating acne, anti-inflammatory, stimulates lymphatic system.
Essential oil – Cypress – helps circulation
Hazelnut oil – “Vitamin P” (Bioflavinoid), Vaso-constrictor
Sweet almond oil – healing, anti-inflammatory
Essential oil – Lavender – antiseptic, healing
Essential oil – Cinnamon – Stimulating, antiseptic, toning


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