Centella for Face

Centella for Face

This highly concentrated treatment Centella Face Serum helps to unclog pores, aids in reducing broken capillaries, anti- inflammatory, whilst soothing any inflammation and acne-affected skin.

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The formula promotes healing and stimulates collagen production. Ingredients include the softening and firming Centella Asiatica Extract, which helps to improve circulation.

Application- AM – PM- Severe Acne use 2-3 drops under your camphor synergy
Moderate blemishes use 4-5 drops under your camphor synergy

Key Ingredients:
Extracts of Centella Asiatica- Anti-bacterial and helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce Acne and Clogging
Horse Chestnut- Acts as a vein tonic helping to flush toxins
Cypress- Detoxifying


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