Centella Stem Cell Intensive Serum

    Centella Stem Cell Intensive Serum

    Pigmentation/ Sun damage, Ageing Skin

    Centella Prestige Intensive Serum delivers the ultimate in deep hydration and skin renewal.

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    Product Description

    Rich in Centella Asiatica Stem Cells, this Intensive Serum is formulated to help reduce pigmentation, age spots and sun damage.Visibly restores the skins youthful vitality, nurturing skin at a cellular level. Centella Intensive Serum contains 10 natural and 5 organic components such as Aloe Vera, Cedar Essence and Geranium Oil, and is ideal for mature skin due to its anti- oxidating and collagen enhancing properties.

    Application – Apply 3 pumps over your face and neck, ready for your Intensive Anti- Wrinkle Treatment

    Key Ingredients:
    Centella Asiatica Stem Cells- Aids in reducing sundamage and pigmentation. Helping to firm and tone your skin
    Centella Extract- Powerful anti-ageing active principle. Stimulates collagen production, whilst helping to reduce redness and inflammation
    AHC- Exfoliating, moisturising, decreases wrinkles, lightening, firming, improves collagen synthesis.
    Hyaluronic Acid – Increases hydration, firms and plumps fine lines
    Magnesium Chloride- Firming, toning and increases blood flow


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