Dermic Solution

    Dermic Solution

    Stretchmarks, Saggy, Menopausal Skin, Cellulite

    The use of Dermic Solution is recommended after a weight gain or a slimming diet, and also during and after a pregnancy. It will treat the areas affected by an over extended skin. It will also suit sportsmen who look for their muscle daily care.

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    Product Description

    Reduces the appearance of stretch marks while tightening excessive, sagging skin. Ivy Extracts reducesubcutaneous fatty deposits and prevents the occurrence of damage to skin during pregnancy and periods of weight gain and while its powerful vasoconstriction reduces bloating, tightens and tones. Magnesium, a natural antiseptic stimulates skin and muscle tone while repairing damaged cells, increasing firmness and elasticity. Centella Asiatica, Horse-Chestnut, Witch Hazel and Horsetail Extracts assist in cellular regeneration by stimulating new cell growth, increasing circulation and tightening the body while supporting a healthy cellular environment. The Centella Dermic Solution is formulated without essential oils making it safe for pre and post-natal care.

    Application – AM and PM Apply a small amount to the area before you aply your Centella figure gel or your Firming serum

    Key Ingredients:
    Magnesium- Improves skin disease like psoriasis, its antiseptic and healingstimulates, blood, penetrates straight into the muscle. Helping to firm the upper layer directly underneath the skins connective tissue, regenerates and rehydrates- firming and toning abilities – Firming and toning abilities
    Centella Asiatica- Stimulates blood flow, Lymphatic system, Increases oxygen and firms stretch marks
    Ivy Extract- Helps to remove waste and toxins, removes build up from tissue and helps release fatty deposits from cellulite


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