Firming Gel

Firming Gel

Improves the skin's tone, softness and elasticity.

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Centella Firming Gel targets areas of the body which have lost tone due to intrinsic ageing while tightening and firing the skin. Rosemary Distillate, Natural Hops and Fenugreek Extracts work to redefine the skin while increasing elasticity and suppleness. Centella Extract stimulates Collagen production and cellular regeneration and is blended with Mint Essential Oils, creating a youthful tone throughout the body.

Application – AM and PM Apply a small amount to the area
Key Ingredients:
Fenugreek- is a protein, potassium and a diogesic which is a compound that mimics oestrogen. Helping to re-builds elastin fibres
Centella Asiatica- Stimulates our lymphatic system, it’s our vein tonic, strengthens, varicose walls, aids in firming, stimulates collagen and helps to reduce scarring.
Hops- Natural plant oestrogen that promotes hormonal balance, whilst improving tone


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