LIFT Firming Kit


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LIFT Firming Kit

This menopausal LIFT kit is the perfect introduction to the Centella Lift Line including 4 x 10ml bottles of LIFT line, including the unreleased LIFT Night Cream.

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Kit Includes:

  • Lift Firming Serum – packed full of phyto estrogen to increase collagen
    production. It helps improve the skin’s tone, suppleness and elasticity.
    Specifically formulated to fight the signs of ageing: wrinkles, radiance,
    complexion, cellular renewal and moisturising.
  • Lift Firming Day Cream – rich in organic active principles, this anti ageing
    cream is specially formulated and contains ingredients to firm, lift and tone
    menopausal/ageing skins. It renews elasticity, boosts collagen production
    and delays cellular ageing.
  • Lift Firming Mask – ideal complement to your anti-aging routine.
    Contributes to fight against visible signs of aging: wrinkles, lack of firmness,
    radiance and uniformity of complexion. It nourishes and densifies the
    epidermis, leaving the skin smooth, tight, firm and strengthened.
  • Lift Regenerating Night Cream – This rich cream helps to lock-in water,
    repair and bring balance back to your skin. *UNRELEASED PRODUCT*

All Product sizes 10 ml.


LIFT Firming Kit

Step 1 –  Double cleanse your skin

Step 2 – Apply one pump of Centella Lift Firming serum

Step 3 – Apply 2 pumps of Lift Day Cream/ Lift Night Cream

Step 4 – Sunscreen in the morning.

Weekly – Apply the firming mask after step 2 for at least 20 mins and remove with a damp clean face towel. OR sleep with your mask on and remove in the morning.


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