Stem Cell Intense Aqualift

    Stem Cell Intense Aqualift

    Dull, Ageing, Saggy, Uneven Skins

    Anti- Ageing liquid face lift not only helps to firms and tones your skin in 30 seconds, but also hydrates and brightens complexions.

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    Product Description

    Combined with our Centella Stem Cell line you will achieve a lumpiness complexion. Rich in Centella Asiatica Stem Cells, this intensive serum is formulated to visibly restore the skins youthful vitality.

    Application- 6-8 drops underneath your Centella moisturiser

    Key Ingredients:
    Centella Asiatica Stem Cells- Anti-oxidating, firming, improve skins elasticity and aids in free radial damage
    Duo of Hyaluronic acids- long chain/tensor effect plus long lasting hydration, Short chain/ deep moisturising
    Centella Asiatica Extract- Excellent healing effect, balances collagen production, restores vein walls and elasticity, anti-ageing active, tissue regeneration
    Magnesium- Stimulates muscle tone, helps active ingredients penetrate deeper.


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