Ultimate Mother’s Day LIFT Kit

Ultimate Mother’s Day LIFT Kit

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Mother’s Day Kit

Forget about a Gift….. Give your Mum the Ultimate LIFT this Mother’s Day.

Combining 3 Hero products that help too –

Promote Cellular Turnover
Boost Collagen Production
Improve Tone & Elasticity
Nourish and Firm Skin

Leaving you with glowing, visibly firmer, toned and brighter skin.

Samples Included – LIFT Firming Day Cream + Eye Contour.

Out of stock


Give your Mum the Ultimate LIFT This Mother’s Day

Ultimate LIFT Kit Includes

SC Resurfacing Peel – Uses a combination of Glycolic Acid
and Five Fruit Extracts to gently remove dead skin cells,
prevent ageing and promote cell turnover whilst reversing
signs of ageing.

Lift Firming Serum – Packed full of phyto estrogen to
increase collagen production. It helps improve the skins
tone, suppleness and elasticity. Specifically formulated to
fight the signs of ageing: wrinkles, radiance, complexion,
cellular renewal and moisturising.

Lift Firming Mask – The ideal complement to your antiaging
routine. Contributes to fight against visible signs of
aging: wrinkles, lack of firmness, radiance and uniformity
of complexion. It nourishes and densifies the epidermis,
leaving the skin smooth, tight, firm and strengthened.


The Ultimate LIFT Mother’s Day Kit

Fine-lines, Wrinkles, Mature Skin

Step 1: Cleanse twice.

Step 2: SC Resurfacing Peel. Apply to face & leave to act for 1-3 minutes.

Step 3: Face Mist – We recommend Hungary’s Royal Water (not incl.)

Step 4: Apply 1 pump of LIFT Firming Serum over face + neck.

Step 5: Eye Care – Apply Eye Contour to the eye socket with ring fingers, taking care to press gently. (Sample Included)

Step 6: LIFT Firming Mask- 1-2 times per week all over face for 15 minutes, remove with damp cloth. OR can be left on overnight for an intense treatment.

Step 7: Moisturiser – Apply LIFT Firming Day Cream to face and neck. (Sample Included)

Protect yourself against elements with our Daily Sooth & Protect Lotion – not included


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