Wrinkle Synergy

    Wrinkle Synergy

    Reducing Inflammation, Soothing, Firming

    The Make-up Primer acts like an instant face-lift with its firming and tightening effect. Aids in reducing inflammation and smoothing of the skin.

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    Product Description

    Synergy literally means ‘working together’. This revolutionary make up primer contains rare and clinically effective ingredients that work together resulting in a dramatic overall anti-ageing, tightening, firming, anti-inflammatory, and calming effect. It will also help puffy eyes since it improves microcirculation and promotes lymphatic drainage.

    Application – Apply 6 drops before your foundation.

    Key Ingredients:
    Magnesium- Aids in Firming,stimulating muscle tone and reducing redness
    Parsley- Stimulates circulation
    Rosemary- Purifies, increases flow blood flow and helps to firm saggy skin


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