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Body Treatments

Body Weight Loss Treatment

Body wraps have been used for centuries to improve circulation, eliminate wastes, reduce fluid retention, firm saggy skin and more importantly; detoxify.

Weight Loss Tummy Treatment

This treatment focuses purely on excess tummy and back fat. Using our Centella weight loss formula and our specific Centella massage technique we can help break down and melt away those stubborn bulges. By wrapping up the problem area we are able to intensify the cell burning process and increase temperature to encourage penetration and perspiration. As your fat cells are affected your body will remove them through perspiration or they will be absorbed into the blood stream and used as a source of energy.

Legs and Buttocks Cellulite Treatment

In order to break down trapped cellulite, it’s important we stimulate your lymphatic system, increase your circulation and detoxify your body. With our Centella cellulite formula and our specific deep cellulite massage technique we are able to help shift toxins, move and break down cellulite.

Back Treatment 30 min

Personalised Facial treatment for your back helps to eliminate acne, clogged pores and black heads or just simply refresh and hydrate. This luxurious treatment is great before your facial or a stand-alone treatment.

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