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Expecting Mothers To Be

Hydraflore Facial for Expecting Mums

If you’re expecting, chances are you’ve done your research and know what’s good for you and your baby, and what’s not. When it comes to skin care though, are you aware of the dangers caused by many of the ingredients in synthetic skin care products and the harm they can cause to an unborn baby? For safe, natural and effective results- trust in Hydraflore. Derived from Mother Nature, Hydraflore professional skin and body care products are not only 95% certified organic, but are specially formulated for expecting mums and sensitive skin.

For Expecting Mums and Delicate Skin
Hydraflore Facial Treatments Target:

  • Problem skin/ break outs
  • Dehydration
  • Signs of Ageing

Effective against blotchy skin spots, red patches and broken capillaries. Provides the epidermis with the elements it requires to soothe and strengthen skin. Results are immediate and spectacular. It accelerates cellular regeneration and gives a youthful, radiant appearance, helping to restore and hydrate the epidermis. It delivers excellent healing effects, balances collagen production, restore` s vein walls and elasticity.