Centella Stem Cells/ Pigmentation 

Stem Cell Face and Neck Advanced Treatment

This treatment can target any skin condition, dehydration, ageing skin, adult acne, pigmentation to crappie and weathered sun bunnies. With our Double Mask application we are able to penetrate twice the amount of our active ingredients to achieve desired results. Coupled with the help of Mother Nature and Centella Synergy’s this treatment will not only target your concerns but pamper your soul.

As our own stem cells age, their regenerative abilities diminish, but thanks to the miracle of stem cell research we can reverse the aging process and regain our youthful glow. Centella Asiatica Stems work to replenish skin tone and repair lost elasticity. This remarkable product has been proven to present superior antioxidant activity and prevent the loss of hyaluronic acid needed to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. It has also been proven that Centella Asiatica Stems control inflammation and aid in nourishing the blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the dermis and epidermis.

Benefits include:

  • Firming
  • Improve skin tone
  • Elasticity
  • Restore and regenerate human skin cells
  • Lighten pigmentation and evens out skin tones
  • Plumps fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrates.

Stem Cell Face Treatment/ After 1 treatment

Advanced Neck Treatment- After 1 treatment

Advanced Neck Treatment- After 1 treatment

Mother to Be/ Sensitive/ Reactive Skin

Hydraflore Facial for Expecting Mums

If you’re expecting, chances are you’ve done your research and know what’s good for you and your baby, and what’s not. When it comes to skin care though, are you aware of the dangers caused by many of the ingredients in synthetic skin care products and the harm they can cause to an unborn baby? For safe, natural and effective results- trust in Hydraflore. Derived from Mother Nature, Hydraflore professional skin and body care products are not only 95% Certified Organic, but are specially formulated for expecting mums and sensitive skin.

For expecting mums and delicate skin

– Problem skin/ break outs
– Dehydration
– Signs of Ageing
Effective against blotchy skin spots, red patches and broken capillaries. Provides the epidermis with the elements it requires to soothe and strengthen skin. Results are immediate and spectacular. It accelerates cellular regeneration and gives a youthful, radiant appearance, helping to restore and hydrate the epidermis. It delivers excellent healing effects, balances collagen production, restore`s vein walls and elasticity.


For Expecting Mums and Delicate Skin/ 4 weeks of home care

Sensitivity Skin Facial

For Sensitive, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Psoriasis and Delicate skin. Our nurturing treatments help put back the balance to a reactive skin.
Containing vitamins A,C,K and B coupled with omega 3 and 6 we are able to help soothe and strengthen, preventing and treating redness, broken capillaries, giving you a plumper, hydrated and repaired skin.

Sensitivity Skin Facial/ 1 week of home care


Stretchmarks/ 4 weeks of home care